Enjoy looking at our creative learning log.

Thursday 18th October 2018
We have continued to engage with reasoning in maths this week, and we are now feeling much more confident to when explaining how we know something to be true. We have spent a lot of time crafting poems which tell the story of Viking burials – and showing off the vocabulary we’ve learned in the process.

We were particularly looking forwards to our Vikings workshop, which has been taking place today, and have loved getting involved with some of the activities Bjorn (our Viking guide) has shown us.

In the pictures below, you can see the fun we had grinding corn with a quern stone, handling Viking artefacts and looking at Viking weaponry!



11th October 2018
We have been reasoning with factors and multiples this week, using our knowledge to identify prime numbers below 100. Through investigation, we have been able to explain how we know that a number is prime and why this is important. We have carried out a lot of work with models and images (counters, cubes, arrays etc.) to help us prove our ideas.

In particular, we noticed that numbers which are prime can only ever have two different arrays, whereas composite numbers (which have more than two factors) can have many.

One Year 5 pupil commented: “It’s so obvious. 11 must be a prime number because it only appears in the 1 and 11 times tables. AI also know that all of the numbers in the 11 times table are multiples [of 11], not factors”.



5th October 2018
We have had lots to celebrate this week, with some excellent scores in spellings tests, high participation rates on Manga High and success for our Year 5/6 Tag Rugby team.

We also learned to spot the symptoms of a heart attack in HEARTSTART this week, and know what to do if we think that somebody is suffering from one.

We have been focusing on proving what we know in maths lessons, and we’re becoming proficient at speaking in full, justified sentences when giving answers.

In our science lessons, we have discussed why the Earth has seasons and how axial tilt affects our lives. We have enjoyed the process of animating our Viking sagas too, and we look forward to watching these back next week – this will help us to write explanation texts.



5th October 2018
Here is an example of some reasoning questions we’ve been working on this week:

Jane says “The sum of 32,892 and 59,247 will be greater than 80,000”. Will she be right or wrong? Justify your thinking.

Here is an example answer from a pupil in our year group:

“I know that Jane will be right because if you add the 3 and 5 in the ten thousands column, that makes 8. This means that the value of the number will be at least 80,000. When you add the digits in the thousands columns the value of the number will increase to more than 90,000. This is because the 2 and 9 in the thousands column will make 11, and we need to rename the ten”.


27th September 2018
We began the week with HEARTSTART, where we learned first aid tips for looking after ourselves and others. These included what to do if someone is bleeding and how to help a person who is choking.

We have continued to develop reasoning skills in maths lessons, and the children are enjoying the challenge of justifying how they know something is/isn’t correct. We have also applied our reasoning skills in English lessons, convincing each other why some words choices are more/less powerful than others.

We have begun learning about the Earth and Space in science lessons. We discussed the characteristics of our closest neighbours and why Pluto is no longer counted as a planet. Most of us have even managed to put the planets in order; remember: My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming (Planets).



20th September 2018
We have spent a lot of time learning about Roman numerals this week, and have practised using them to solve problems. We were amazed to learn that the Romans had no letter to represent zero!

In English lessons we have been exploring the effect that interesting adjectives can have on a story. We have all planned out our own Viking sagas and are proud of the effort that we have made in choosing language for these which has the greatest impact.

Our Viking presentations, which we delivered after researching an aspect of Viking daily life, gave us the chance to show how our knowledge of peoples from the past is increasing; and many of us gained confidence when speaking in front of our friends. Mr. Emmens


13th September 2018
This week we have begun developing the children’s reasoning skills, both in maths and across the curriculum. We have spent lots of time thinking about how we have arrived at answers and why we know that these are (or are not!) correct. We have introduced a new scaled ‘reasoning ladder’, with steps of: describing, explaining, convincing, justifying, and proving. At the moment, many of us are working on ‘explaining’ what we know, but we will work hard over the coming weeks to make what we say detailed and persuasive.

We are excited to have begun learning about Viking sagas too, and will be planning and writing our own versions of these very soon. Mr. Emmens