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Careers Fair


Today we took the Ambassadors to the Foodbank to deliver your harvest donations.  It was greatly appreciated,  many thanks.


We had an amazing superhero night at Ormiston Victory Academy Library.


Today in Year 6 we have been investigating simple circuits!


Shanghai Mathematics Teacher Exchange Project

Last month I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Shanghai, China learning about mathematics teaching and learning in my role as a Mastery Specialist Teacher with the Norfolk and Suffolk Maths Hub. The first week was spent at The Primary School attached to Shanghai no.1 Normal School, a large urban school with 1500 pupils. Pupils have 35 minute maths lessons daily and daily maths homework (as well as other subjects) which they complete at home with their parents. Then after a weekend filled with lectures and sightseeing, I was based for the second week at The Minhang Experimental Primary School- a school with 6000 pupils split over four campuses and growing. As the biggest school in Shanghai, it is used as a model school in the city and has 499 teachers (75 of which specialise in maths teaching). Here I observed maths teaching and had the opportunity to teach a Grade 4 (Year 5) class as well, which was a daunting experience but one which I learnt a lot from, receiving feedback from the many teachers who came to watch me!

During my visit, I was partnered with one maths teacher from each school. Both of these teachers will be visiting England and coming to teach at Queen’s Hill Primary School for two weeks in January as part of the project. This is something which they are really looking forward to! During these weeks, the specialist teachers will share their expertise with teachers in our school and those from across Norfolk and Suffolk. As a school we are incredibly lucky to have been selected to host these teachers for Norfolk and Suffolk and I’m certain that the experience will be invaluable for the teachers and children in our school.

Miss Kerrison


Y6 Blog

This week we have been learning about Muslims and the Islamic culture. The skills we used were skimming and scanning skills on the computers and books and notes for key information. The topics we researched were: prayers, Zakat, Sawn and Hajj. Prayers are the most important thing a Muslim does. Zakat is when you give away 2.5% of their income. Sawn is where you don’t eat until 9.00pm and before sunrise. Finally, hajj is where you go to Mecca and walk 3.5-5 km.

We also had a very calming session with Paddy. Paddy is a life coach and he helps us with our life now and in the future. He spoke to us about fighting and trying to use our words. He put us into a situation and we had to try and win the argument, we were on a plane and the engines fell off. There were only 4 parachutes so we had to make sure our group got them no one else. Paddy told us about his past experience. He said he was a solider in the army. He lived in South Africa then he moved to the UK. He still visits South Africa because some of his family lives there so he visits every year or sometimes visits more than once in a year. We will be working with paddy for 8 months. We all enjoy having Paddy here. So when you’re in year 6 or if you already are, you will enjoy him a lot. So good luck!