Independent reading, reading homework and reading for a star

Children’s reading ability and progress are monitored regularly.  Children are given appropriately matched books from a colour coded scale to take home to read. 

 Reading is part of every child’s weekly homework and we expect children to read at home ‘at least’ four times each week.  Additional 1:1 reading at school can contribute towards this.  Evidence of reading must be recorded by parents/ carers (or children in KS2) and signed by an adult, to show that this has occurred. 

 If children have read four times in one week they receive a star in their diary.  When they have accumulated stars they receive prizes!  Last year everyone managed to get their bronze award and we were able to take part in a workshop run by Stomp, from London. This year, we are aiming for everyone to reach silver! 

Read for a Star



SILVER CERTIFICATE and a prize for 20 Stars

GOLD CERTIFICATE and a prize for 30 Stars

PLATINUM CERTIFICATE and a prize for 40 Stars


We hope that children and adults will all enjoy reading together and collecting the Queen’s Hill Reading Stars!


Nursery and EYFS, to celebrate reading had a story-teller visit the new Connie Forsyth Library.  The children loved hearing the stories and the laughter could be heard up the corridor.


Well done to all of the children with 30+ reading stars! To celebrate, Queen’s Hill had their very own festival party for KS1 and KS2 with Ukulele Simon. We sang, danced, jammed and learnt all about how to become musicians.



STOMP visit Queen’s Hill School


Storytelling Reading Reward for Reception