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Year 4 had an amazing day at our University Technical College Norfolk to take part in architecture session.


Last week we were learning about the Romans and we have done a show and share assembly. We will do a video clip of us pretending to be the Romans and Max has made us some swords made out of Knex. Also we have made cardboard shields and also had a story about the Roman times. It was fun and we will enjoy the assembly.

By Thomas – Y4


In year 4 this week we have been learning about Romans and we are on track with learning about Romans. Also in maths we are learning subtracting and about half of the class are ok with it and some of us are getting there still. In PE we have done some gymnastics and in gymnastics lots of us are still getting there. Finally in team building we did parachute games and lots of people got tired but everyone thought that it was fun! That’s about all we did this week but it was fun!

By Thomas – Y4

Hello my name is Isaac I am going to tell you what we have done for the last week.

In interesting English we have been learning about amazing Romans so we have done a non-chronological report and  we have done a autobiography for big write!

In marvelous maths we have been doing two thing especially formal addition but we have still done stuff with a empty number line.

Isaac – Y4