We hope you enjoy looking at our Year 1 blog which will show you some of the learning we have been doing in class.

Today in Year 1 we have been reading Leaf Man. We enjoyed making our own leaf people and writing our own adventures!
Today we had fun at our Year 1 Maths Café. We looked at number bonds to 10 and read ‘Ten in a bed’ then we made ten in a bed to help us. It was great to see so many parents thank you for coming along.
This week in Year 1 we are creating story sticks and adding machines to help our learning. On Monday we enjoyed making them to help us for the rest of the week.
In Year 1 this week we have been enjoying listening to music and poems. We have been using this as a stimulus for writing our own poems. The children have enjoyed using drama to help form their ideas. 
In maths we have been exploring lots of ways to total the same number, by looking at number bonds. We are much more confident writing number sentences and are still working on our number formation.
We have been learning that people believe the world was created in different ways. We looked at the Christian creation story this week.


Children have been scanning QR codes in class to find out where Evil Pea (from book Supertato) had escaped to.  

Monday 25th September

This week in Year 1 Maths, we have been practicing our skills using cubes, bead strings and other objects. We learnt how to write down the number sentences we created. In English, we retold the story of Supertato using play dough and we even wrote our own labels and captions!

Week beginning 18th September.
This week we have been busy learning about the circus in year 1. We have been working in groups to design and make our own circus! The children came up with some really imaginative ideas and were proud of their creations. They have been working on giving feedback to their friends including what went well and what they could do even better next time.
We have had a busy few days with worm charming, creating our own super vegetables and even writing speech for our new heros!
This week we have been reading ‘Supertato’, by Sue Hendra.
What a week it has been!  Unfortunately Evil Pea escaped in our cookery room and trapped some of our vegetables at school.  Luckily, we were able to design our own vegetable superhero to help.  We also wrote a caption to show how our hero might help.  We now need to use our creativity skills to design ways to help our heroes free the vegetables.  We will keep you posted on any sightings of Evil Pea!!