Key Stage 1 is currently organised into two year 1 and two year 2 classes.  We follow a creative curriculum where Maths and English skills are fed throughout our planning. The children begin their day at 8.30pm and can spend the first short session learning with their parents.  Early morning work provides a great opportunity for parents and staff to chat and ask questions.  Parents can also use this time to help settle their child for the day and discuss the planned day ahead. The pupils’ timetable is structured for the morning into Phonics where we follow a Read Write Inc programme, Maths and English lessons, with guided reading also being done in our afternoon sessions.  We also do Wake and Shake sessions which are physical activities to get the brain warmed up! The afternoon sessions are led more by independent learning.  The topic is taught through a whole school creative approach, for more details of this please look on the Year 1 and 2 blog.

Please click on the links below to open current curriculum plans for 2017/2018 and homework tasks.

Key Stage 1

As a school for phonics we follow the Read Write Inc programme in KS1


Phonics meeting presentation 

Summer 2018

Curriculum overview Y1 Summer

Curriculum overview  Y2 Summer

Year 2 Summer 2 home learning

Year 2 Summer 1 Home learning

Spring 2018

Curriculum overview Year 1 Spring

Curriculum overview Year 2 Spring

Year 1 Home Learning

Year 2 Home Learning

Autumn/Winter 2017

Parent Curriculum Letter Year 1 Autumn Term

Parent Curriculum Letter Year 2 Autumn Term

Year 1 Home Learning

Year 2  Home Learning

Cafe Dates below:

Autumn 2

English Cafe- 7.11.17- 14:00-15:00
Workshare- 08.12.17- 14:30-15:00
Year 1 phonics meeting- 05.12.17- 16:00
Maths Cafe- 16.01.18- 14:00-15:00
English Cafe- 19.03.18- 8:50-9:50
Workshare 1- 29.01.18- 8:50-9:20
Workshare 2- 22.03.18- 14:30-15:00
Year 2 testing meeting- 26.03.18- 16:00
Maths Cafe- 02.05.18- 16:30-17:30
English Cafe- 25.05.18- 8:50-9:50
Workshare 1- 11.05.18- 8:50-9:20
Workshare 2- 14.06.18- 14:30-15:00

Below are some great Writing home sheets, so you can see what is expected from year 1 and year 2.

English writing handouts year 1

English writing handouts year 2

Below you will find details of the maths home help sheets.

Year 1 Maths

Year 2 Maths