Enjoy looking at our Reception creative learning blog.


This week in Reception, we read the story of Stick Man and we each went on a Stick Man-inspired journey outdoors to see what we could find and recalled where we went. We also explored different instruments and had a go at singing and playing a simple rhythm.


This week in Reception, we read the story of ‘Leaf Man’. The beautiful illustrations in the story inspired us to make our own leaf pictures and we explored what happened when we mix the three Primary colours to
make green, purple and orange. Can your child name the three primary colours?


The children and parents had a Bear Hunt themed cafe. We read the story together as a class and then the children took part in making bear biscuits, decorating a bear mask, retelling the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, finding out about other types of bears, making binoculars and going on a bear hunt in the outdoor area.


We have been making our own textured Bear Hunt story maps in Reception and retelling the story.
This week, each Reception class has also made a collaborative piece of art on A1 card to add to a school scrap book.


A big warm welcome from the Reception Team! We hope your child has had a fun and exciting first week at school.

This week we have been learning the names of the other children and adults in our class and finding out about the daily routines in Reception. We also had our first Curriculum Day on Friday and tried lots of fun Creative Learning activities. Look out for the magical fairy houses in the Fieldfare Way entrance! We have to be very quiet so that we don’t scare the fairies 🙂