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14th March 2019
In the last few weeks in Nursery we have been learning about life cycles. The children have showed lots of enthusiasm learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and the life cycle of a chicken. We were lucky enough to have real life chick eggs at school and we got to see the chicks hatch out of the eggs and see the chicks grow. We thought the chicks were “adorable, cute, soft and fluffy”.






7th March 2019
We have some very exciting news in EYFS today! Some chicks have now hatched from their eggs. How many more do you think we will have tomorrow?



14th February 2019
This week we have been thinking about what makes a healthy meal. We had a go at making our own healthy plates by making sure we had a variety of types of food.

“We can’t just only eat fruit!”

“I’m eating meat to make me strong.”

We also listened to a story about Smartie the Penguin which taught us about being safe when using a tablet/iPad/computer. We learnt that if we see something we are unsure of the first thing to do is to tell a grown up and not try to fix it ourselves.

7th February 2019
This week we came into Nursery to find a bear with a colander on his head, wearing some boots and sitting in a box! We tried to think about where he might be going or where he might have been. Some of us thought he was using the box as a boat and was going on holiday whilst some of us wondered if he was in a fast car going to the beach. The next day we found a letter from bear and he left his story for us to read, ‘Whatever Next’. We found out he had made himself a rocket and been to Space to visit the moon.

The children have been very imaginative this week, creating their own aircraft to travel to the moon. They chose to decorate boxes and some placed cushions inside them to make them comfortable and ‘cosy’. We thought about what we would take with us if we were going to visit the moon.

1st February 2019
This week we have been learning about recycling as part of our ‘You Can Make a Difference too’ topic. The children have been very interested to find out what happens to our rubbish after we put it in the bin and how important recycling is.

We were lucky enough to have a parent come in to tell us all about his job working in recycling in Norfolk. He told us lots of facts, helped us to sort some rubbish waste and even brought us some high visibility jackets, special gloves, goggle glasses and hard hats to wear. We had lots of fun!

25th January 2019
We have had an exciting week learning about volcanoes. The children have been engaging in fantastic imaginative play building volcanoes using boxes, pretending to be volcanologists and acting out evacuating the area when a volcano is ‘about to erupt’. We have also been creating beautiful paintings of volcanoes which has really encouraged the children to talk using their new knowledge and vocabulary for example, ‘lava’, ‘erupting’ and ‘magma’.

The children really enjoyed observing our mini volcano experiment where we used ingredients to create an eruption!

18th January 2019
Thank you so much to all of the grownups who attended our Explorer Café today. It was great to see so many of you here enjoying time learning with your children.
7th December 2018
This week at Nursery we have been learning how to form the letters in our name. It is really important that children learn the correct formation of capital and lower case letters from this point as habits are tricky to change. The children have been excited to have a go at writing their own name in a card that you will receive next week at home!

We have also been interested in hunting for shapes in our environment.

27th November 2018
Yesterday, Mrs Howes found a ‘wanted’ poster outside our classroom. We looked closely at the picture and some of us recognised who it might be… the Big Bad Wolf! We spent time hunting for him. Some of us thought we saw him outside and some thought he was hiding in the cupboard.

The children showed fantastic imagination through role play. Some children decided to shake instruments to try to wake up the ‘sleeping Big Bad Wolf’ whilst others made playdough ‘fire sticks’ to help on their hunt. The children chatted about the Wolf being on the roof or suggesting that maybe he was in disguise as a human!

We then read the story of The Three Little Pigs and stopped before the ending. The children suggested what might happen at the end of the story. Some thought maybe the wolf would break in through the front door whilst other children thought that the wolf was actually kind and would make friends with the pigs.

12th October 2018
This week our number of the week was the number 5 and our shape of the week was a rectangle. We had fun hunting for any 5s and rectangles we could find whilst we have been at Nursery. Can you spot anything at home that is a rectangle shape?

We also met George the Giraffe who teaches us to show grit and determination by keeping on trying even when something is tricky! We read the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ to help us understand this. You can find George in the entrance to the school below the television screen. Make sure you say hello to him! J

Some of the children really enjoyed exploring the new ‘Magic Reading Shed’ in our outdoor area this week. They used magic wands to cast spells for example “abracadabra swishy swash, turn this cushion into a… rabbit!”

5th October 2018
This week our number of the week was the number 4 and our shape of the week was a circle. We had fun hunting for any 4s and rectangles we could find whilst we were at Nursery. I wonder if you can find any at home or on your journey to Nursery?

Our sound/letter of the week was ‘s’. We have been listening to the initial sounds in words e.g. sssspider, sssssnake, ssssstar. Some children challenged themselves to have a go at writing the letter s using our rhyme “slither down the snake”.

The children have been excellent story tellers, retelling and acting out the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Your child might enjoy telling you the story at home and showing you the actions!

28th September 2018
This week our number of the week was the number 2 and our shape of the week was a rectangle. We had fun hunting for any 2s and rectangles we could find whilst we are at Nursery. I wonder if you can find any at home or whilst you are on your way to Nursery?

We have also been reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ which we’ll be continuing with next week. The children have really enjoyed joining in with actions to retell the story.

This week we had our first visit to the school library and enjoyed the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ read to us by Miss Perry. We were all very excited to choose a book to take home with us! We hope you enjoy reading them at home and adding it to your Reading Diary. 

21st September 2018
This week we have been thinking about how we are different and similar to our friends. We looked closely at ourselves in the mirror and picked out the features that make up our faces. The children have drawn some beautiful self-portraits that you will shortly see displayed in our classroom.