Welcome to the Nursery blog where each week we will show you our creative learning.

Week beginning  10/7/17
This week we had our last stay and play session for grown ups to come and see what we have been learning. We enjoyed making fruit kebabs, hungry caterpillar crafts and taking our grown ups to the new library to share stories.
We have been talking about moving into Reception lots as it is transition week next week.
Week beginning 19.6.17
This week we have had an active week. We raised £42.79 completing Barnado’s Big Toddle, where we walked around the school wearing bright colours. We have been practising throwing and catching and have been working on our balance as we made our way around the trim trail.
Week beginning 12.6.17
This week we enjoyed making Father’s Day cards for daddies and special men in our lives. We hope you enjoyed them. We have continued learning about having a growth mindset and completed activities that developed determination and perseverance, for example skipping and creating with lego.
This half term our school focus is using the outdoors to enhance learning. We continue to use the outside area daily to support our learning.
Week beginning 5.6.17
We can’t believe we only have one half term left of Nursery! As always it has been a busy week!
We have been getting into the spirit of the general election this week by casting our vote on a different topic each day, from choosing the book for the library, what to have for snack, whether to have ice or make your own playdough in the messy tray and which nursery rhymes to sing. We analysed the results by counting and comparing the totals and declared the ones with the most votes. We chatted about how we don’t always get what we voted for and the children had lots of fun. 
As a reward for sharing stories at home we had a storyteller come into school to tell us stories and sing songs. The children were in stitches with laughter! It was a really great treat.
Week beginning 22.5.17
On Monday we thought about emergency services and in particular paramedics. As part of the ‘Heartstart’ learning in school we pretended a life size doll was an unconscious casualty and thought about how we could keep ourselves safe and also look after the doll. We pretended to make a 999 call and the children had a go at telling us what the problem was. 
This week we have been working on writing our names. Lots of children are forming recognisable letters and we are now focusing on control and correct formation when writing letters to support them further. On Wednesday we had a lovely Writing Cafe, where we had lots of ideas to support early and pre-writing skills. Thank you to those that came. 
We enjoyed visiting the library and have been wowed by the large traditional tales that is almost finished. We could recall lots of the traditional tales from the characters on the beanstalk and are really developing a love of reading! Please keep recording any stories you share together in your reading diaries to earn reading stars. 
Have a happy, safe half term!
Week beginning 15.5.17
This week we have been busy with the whole school problem solving, exploring the different possibilities of totaling 10 using numicon. Some children had a go at writing number sentences for their combinations. We have been consolidating our learning by printing the numicon using paint in our busy time. 
For arts week this week we learnt about Wassily Kandinsky and all created some circle art work, which is displayed in the Nursery entrance. We learnt how to change the shade of a colour when painting.
For science we have been interested in how things can change, looking particularly at felt tips, water and filter paper and watching corn pop! Unfortunately, we had to all try the popcorn after seeing the irreversible change!
Week beginning 8.5.17
This week we have been focusing on The 3 Little Pigs. We have been learning the story using actions, drawing story maps and performing it. Click on the link below to see a short video of the song.
Some children have been innovating the story – where they change some aspects of the traditional tale, and we have had a range of interesting stories – The 3 Little Ducklings and the Big Bad Crocodile, The 3 Little Cows and the Big Bad Fox, The 3 Little Butterflies and the Big Bad Ladybird and The 3 Little Cars and the Big Bad Lorry! The children have been really excited about testing out straw, stick and brick houses to see which would be the most sturdy, and describing the textures and properties of the different materials for our science focus this week.
We have become Sun Safe Superstars this week, learning the rules for keeping safe in the sun. Slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sun cream and slap on a sun hat. Please remember to send your child into Nursery wearing sun cream and with a named sun hat as the weather is beginning to warm up.
Don’t forget, we have a Stay and Play day on the 24th May. 
Week beginning 1.5.17
This week we have been really lucky to see 3 butterflies have emerged from their cocoons and are busy gaining strength in the butterfly pavilion before we set them free! We were also really lucky to look at and touch some animals including lizards, snakes and a tortoise as they were in to support learning in the whole school curriculum day. We have been busy continuing learning about having a growth mindset, this time taking inspiration from the rhyme incy wincy spider. We thought about what we have had to keep working at, even if it has been hard or unsuccessful the first time. Our science activity this week links to incy wincy spider, where we found some spiders had been frozen and wondered whether cold or warm water would help the spiders escape the best. We made predictions and tried to free the spiders. 
Week beginning 24.4.17
This week we focused our learning on Brazil, learning about some significant places and events. We enjoyed creating carnival masks, rainforest scenes using oil pastels and collaging animals for the whole school display. We even enjoyed listening to some carnival music and playing instruments and dancing along to it. 
We learnt about having a growth mindset, thinking especially about when we might get in a muddle putting our coats on and every single child was able to put their own coat on and lots of children were able to do their own zip, buttons or poppers independently! 
Our science activity this week was trying to find out a way to help the Smurfs in their house. The roof of their house had holes in and we needed to explore different materials in order to decide which one would be the best to repair the holes. The children decided tin foil or bubble wrap would be the most successful as they didn’t let the water in.

Week beginning 18.4.17

This week we are learning about England, the country that we live in! We have been finding out about some typically English things, including food, places, people and activities.

We had help to decorate St. George’s flag style scones and ate these as part of an English themed snack time!

We designed postcards to tell other people about what they might find in England. 

This half term the whole school focus is developing a passion for working scientifically.

We had some caterpillars arrive this week! The children were excited to see them and learn about the life cycle. They have already spun their cocoons so we hope that the children will get to experience the change from caterpillar to butterfly over this half term! 

Week beginning 27.3.17

This week we joined the whole school in our school ‘week of code’. We learnt that computers need instructions in order to work and worked on this in our play using BeeBots and this website, https://studio.code.org/s/course1/stage/3/puzzle/1.
We have still really enjoyed making treasure maps and this week the children had a go at hiding plastic eggs and drawing maps to see if a friend could find the eggs from our maps!
Week beginning 20.3.17
This week we learnt about a Hindu festival that is celebrated at spring time. We learnt about some of the activities associated with the Holi festival of colour. The children were shocked and excited to find out that one way of celebrating is by throwing powder paint on friends and family as a joke in honour of their god Krishna!
We created our own ‘Holi style’ elephants by flicking powder paint on the elephants.

Week beginning 13.3.17

What a busy week so far!
We are loving that the weather is warming up a bit and are seeing the signs of Spring. We looked closely at daffodils and painted them using watercolours and careful brush strokes. They are displayed on the washing line in the classroom and really do look incredible!
On Tuesday we visited the library and after learning about weather and seasons, we had a go at finding information books about the weather, compared to story books. This was a tricky challenge, but the children rose to it! On Wednesday we learnt about minibeasts and went on a nature hunt. It is incredible what you can see if you look closely, and the children loved finding the bugs!
Week beginning 6.3.17
This week we have been learning the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We drew pictures, thought of actions and performed it to Reception!

Afternoon Nursery had a visit from Bethany and Benjamin bears, to learn about road safety. 
Week beginning 27.2.17
This week we have been enjoying pancake themed fun, including reading Mr Wolf’s Pancakes in the library and playing a maths game to add toppings to pancakes.
Morning Nursery had Bethany and Benjamin Bears visit on Tuesday to talk about road safety. They will be coming back in March to talk to afternoon Nursery.
On Wednesday we had a visitor to read stories to us for Read Aloud Day!
Thursday is another stay and play. Please come along!
Week beginning 20.2.17
Welcome back!
This week we met two new furry members of Nursery – Honey (light fur) and Treacle (dark fur)!
Week beginning 6.2.17
This week we were lucky to have parents stay and play on Tuesday for some stick man themed activities. 
We have been practising writing our names this week and they are looking great! Have a look at them on the washing line in Nursery.
We hope you have a fun half term and look forward to seeing you back!
Week beginning  30.1.17
This week we have been inspired by our favourite film, Frozen, and the recent cold weather to think about life in the Arctic. The children enjoyed learning about igloos as an alternative place to live and the different animals that live in the Arctic and other cold places. The children drew careful pictures of what they thought they may see or experience there. 
We have been practising counting objects 1 at a time and in order, and then finding a matching numeral. The children really enjoyed playing maths games on the iPads this week and especially liked these games to practise their maths: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/teddy-numbers and http://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/gingerbread-man-game.
We revisited ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ for our book this week and were amazed at how well the children remembered the story. For Funky Fingers the children have been either joining in with Dough Gym, lacing or using paint rollers to work upper arm muscles. 
Don’t forget to come to our Stick Man themed Stay and Play on Tuesday 7th to see your child’s learning journey and join in with some fun activities. 
Week beginning 23.1.17
This week we have been preparing for the Teddy Bears’ Picnic! We have written invitations, ordered instructions to make sandwiches, made sandwiches and enjoyed our picnic!
We have been learning about keeping our bodies healthy and thought about which foods were healthy and unhealthy and had a go at some exercise.

Funky fingers this week: throwing bean bags at a target, lacing cards and dough gym.


Week beginning 16.1.17
This week we have focused on teamwork, the growth mindset characteristic. We gave children the option to choose a partner and work as a team with them on an activity for 10 minutes. They wore ‘teamwork bracelets’ which snapped if they ventured apart and came off easily. The children had lots of fun and 12 children rose to the challenge and worked with their partner without breaking the bracelet for 10 minutes, and were put on the rainbow!
Our book of the week has been ‘The Way Back Home’ where the boy and martian worked as a team. 
In funky fingers the children have flown paper planes to work upper body muscles, used play dough and stretched elastic bands on cups to work the smaller muscles in their hands. 


Week beginning 9.1.17
Welcome back and happy new year! The children have settled back in well and were excited to chat about their Christmas holidays. We have been busy exploring the new outdoor space that has come with the building work and the children have loved acting out ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, especially after they had been excited to watch it on the TV!
Our book of the week has been ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and we have had lots of funky finger challenges going on, including rolling hula hoops for upper body work, dough gym with play dough and screwing and unscrewing nuts and bolts.
Week beginning 12.12.16
This week we have been busy practising writing our names for our Christmas cards and had lots of fun with our Christmas photo booth. We had our stay and play session on Wednesday and had lots of fun decorating Christmas pudding biscuits, snowman cups for milk, making reindeer food and letters to Father Christmas. Thank you to all parents that came.
We hope you have a happy, healthy and enjoyable Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you on 5th January 2017!
Week beginning 5.12.16
What a busy week! We worked very hard on the Nativity shows and were so proud of the children singing and getting up on stage. Thank you to all that came.
We made salt dough decorations for the Christmas tree at the end of the week ready for stay and play next week.
Week beginning 28.11.16
This week Nativity rehearsals have been in full swing and we are excited to perform next week!
Our book of the week this week is ‘Chicken Licken’ and the children fed the characters in this week’s funky finger challenge.
The children have enjoyed using playdough this week to practise counting skills and numeral recognition. 
We talked about the story of the first Christmas that some people believe and learnt why stars are a symbol of Christmas time. We decorated our own stars and these are displayed in the main entrance. 



Christmas is coming! The children helped decorate our Christmas corner and were busy designing their own wrapping paper. 
Keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to our Winter Reading Cafe coming up at the end of term!
Week beginning 21.11.16
This week our book in the library and guided reading has been ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children have had lots of fun playing imaginatively as the giant and Jack, acting out the story. The children were challenged to design and make castles in their busy time. The children enjoyed decorating butter beans and imagining that they were magic, and deciding what they may grow in to. Our funky fingers challenge this week was to put leaves on the beanstalk and we have been practising writing our names every day! Every child’s name was sent home at the beginning of the year, if you would like another copy, please let us know.



Week beginning 14.11.16
This week our Nativity preparations have started in full swing! Please make sure you hand in your child’s costume and tell us what character they will be by the 25th November. It will really help us if you can practise any of the songs we will be singing at home.
This week our focus has been anything and everything pants! Our books of the week have been the Aliens and Dinosaurs Love Underpants stories, and the children had fun designing their own pair of pants.
Our funky fingers challenge was pegging the pants on the washing line, great for muscles in the hands and fingers!
We learnt about NSPCCs Underwear Rule and chatted about this briefly in an age appropriate way. The children enjoyed Pantosaurus’ song which can be found (along with the Underwear Rule) at https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/underwear-rule/.
For Anti-Bullying Week, we learnt about making good choices with our friends and how these could make others feel. We had a go at sorting some pictures of different scenarios into good and not so good choices.
We saved up our pennies for Pudsey on Friday after having learnt a little about Pudsey helping Children in Need. 



Week beginning 7.11.16
As always we have had another busy week!
Funky Fingers – this week our challenge was inspired by how chatty the children have been about fireworks. The children needed to pick off the ‘firework explosions’ using their fingers from the sticky plastic.
Science – We had a day of science fun on Wednesday! We explored what happened to white flowers when left in coloured water and tried to make the best ‘bubble blower’.
Book of the week – this week our book in the library and in guided reading groups has been Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We had lots of fun comparing size and getting creative with porridge play dough.
Welcome back to Nursery after half term! Make sure you have checked book bags for our half term newsletter, so you are aware of all of the things we are focusing on this half term.
We have started ‘Funky Fingers’ this week, which will be weekly activities that will support building up the muscles children need for getting ready to write. This week the children were excited about Halloween, so they used tweezers to collect tiny spiders.
In maths this week, we have been practising counting out objects individually, assigning one number for each object counted. The children a have enjoyed practising this skill in our ‘sweet shop’.
Room on the broom was our book of the week this week which was shared in the library on Tuesday and in small ‘guided reading’ groups (small groups where we read and chat about the story). Look out for the stamps in your child’s reading diary and continue recording all the stories you share at home.
We watched Fireman Sam’s Bonfire Night safety tips ahead of Bonfire Night at the weekend and we are feeling excited to learn continue learning about this next week.



We have enjoyed exploring colours this week using paint and using coloured paddles and light. The children have enjoyed shining torches through combinations of coloured paddles to see what colours they may create.
This week the whole school has been doing some ‘Big Writing’. A mysterious egg appeared in Nursery and the children were challenged to create some mark making to represent the egg or what they thought could have been inside.
Our book this week is ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The children have had lots of fun working in teams to create bear caves, think about the footprints left in our classroom and have a go at some problem solving, create maps for the routes taken and have pretended to be hunting for bears.
We have learnt about ‘Smartie the Penguin’ who taught us some rules for using the internet and technology. We should know to tell an adult if something happens that we are unsure of.
We hope you have a happy, safe half term! Don’t forget to recorded any learning through play on ‘WOW moments’ for your child’s learning journey!
Nursery Team



We have loved chatting about how the season has changed to autumn! We have had lots of fun exploring natural objects and talking about what they are, where they come from and we have even used great describing words to describe them. 
We had fun sorting the natural objects, thinking about patterns, size and shape. We looked at some art work by the artist Andy Goldsworthy and had a go at using the natural objects to create our own natural art!



As we are settling in so well to Nursery life, we have been able to have ‘carpet time’ with Miss Butcher every day. For the last week we have been learning about the school golden rules by meeting lots of inspiring characters. They have been watching over us by sitting on the topic board and have been telling Miss Butcher who can go on the rainbow for following the rules well. 
If you would like to chat about the Nursery rules at home they are: We listen, we try hard, we are kind and helpful, we are gentle, we look after things, we are honest.



This week we have been learning about harvest. We have enjoyed having lots of activities in the classroom linked to harvest time, and we have been reading ‘The Little Red Hen’ every day after sharing it in the library on Tuesday. Today we enjoyed having grown ups come in to sing our harvest song, taste the bread we baked today and show off some of the things we know about harvest time. Thank you to all of the grown ups that joined us! 




We are settling in so well and have been having lots of fun exploring the inside and outside areas of Nursery. On Mondays we are lucky to have Minty come in and sing some songs with us. Today we loved singing ‘5 Brown Bears Sitting on the Wall’ with her so much that we acted it out ourselves afterwards! We had to do very careful counting to see how many bears were left on the wall and did lots of lovely singing.

Don’t forget you can join us for half an hour before you collect your child on Thursday 22nd September to enjoy our Nursery Harvest Festival.