Welcome to the Nursery blog where each week we will show you our creative learning.


Today we were shocked to find a Crime Scene in our classroom! We got into role as police investigators to try to find out what had happened. We found footprints, bricks, wood and straw all broken up into pieces. Some people thought maybe a monster had blown down some houses, some thought it might have been dogs and some people thought it was a wolf. When we looked at the police station, we saw some ‘Wanted’ posters for a Wolf and a Pig. We have been talking about who we think it might have been.


We have been reading ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ this week. The nursery children have really enjoyed getting into role as pirates by dressing up, searching for treasure, counting coins and building pirate ships! Lots of us designed our own treasure map and had lots of fun
describing them to each other.


We have had another busy week in Nursery learning how we can group and sort different things. We thought about what was the same and different to help us.
We grouped by colour, size, shape and pattern. Can you find anything to sort or group at home? (Shapes, cutlery, books, money, heavy and light objects…)
We also loved discovering a new caterpillar number line on the floor in Nursery this week! We have been jumping along it trying to recognise the numerals and
say the numbers.



This week in nursery we have been busy creating lots of pictures, collages and models inspired by fireworks. The children have enjoyed looking at the shapes, colours and textures they see in fireworks and creating their own. We have focused on mark making using circles and different kinds of lines.

The children also enjoyed watching a clip from Fireman Sam about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night.

Enjoy the fireworks if you go to see any and stay safe!


This week in Nursery we have been learning about Autumn. The children have enjoyed painting Autumn pictures and exploring crunchy Autumn leaves, conkers and pine cones. We read the story of ‘Leaf Man’ and the children chose their favourite illustration to draw and thought carefully about what colours to use.
We have also been learning to count using our fingers and how to represent a number using pictures.
The children are really enjoying their weekly trip to the library and we hope they are enjoying the books at home. Remember we have a ‘borrow box’ full of books in Nursery too that you can borrow and return as often as you wish.
Happy half term – we look forward to seeing you after the week break and hearing what you have been doing!


This week we have been learning about the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children enjoyed experimenting with porridge oats, pouring them, stirring them and pretending to make oat cakes. The ‘Three Bears Cottage’ roleplay area inspired lots of children to have tea parties together!

As part of our learning we had a team challenge! In groups, we had to try to work together to make beds for the Three Bears. We thought about the size of each bed and also how to take turns and help one another.



This week all of the nursery children collaboratively made a big piece of art for the whole school creative learning focus as part of a whole school scrap book. Each of the children had a section and chose how
they wanted to decorate it. We made it very bright, colourful and textured! We have also been learning about how to describe our feelings using words and faces. Lots of us had a go at putting our photo on the
feelings thermometer!

Week beginning 18/09/17
This week the children have continued enjoying settling in to nursery routines and the exploring the farm themed activities in our classroom. We have enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and continued to learn our nursery school golden rules.
As the whole eight week focus is creative learning, we have been getting creative through painting, playing music, acting and exploring!
We hope your child has had a fun and exciting first couple of weeks.
Week beginning 11/09/17
Hello and welcome to our nursery blog!
Thank you for dropping by to see what we have been getting up to. In the last week and a half our new nursery children have been settling in to their new environment and discovering all of the exciting things in nursery and all of the new faces to begin to build friendships with. We have loved having you all and look forward to the year ahead. 
Next we will be learning more about our nursery school rules and routines that will help to keep us all safe, happy and healthy! If you would like to chat to your child about the rules at home, they are: we listen, we try hard, we are kind and helpful, we are gentle, we look after things, we are honest.