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14/06/17 Sports Day

Winners: EYFS and KS1 Parr

Winners: KS2 Seymour

Well done to everyone who participated in Sports Day.  Everyone worked really hard and the Sports Ambassadors from Ormiston Victory Academy were great at organising activities and keeping the children motivated.  Thank you to all the adults who came as spectators to support the event.


All the children who achieved their Platinum Certificate (Reading 4 times or more for 40 weeks!!) also received a Golden Ticket which entitled them to a book of their choice.  As you can see from the photos they were delighted with their new books, and Mrs Maskell is very proud of them.



Nursery and EYFS, to celebrate reading had a story-teller visit the new Connie Forsyth Library.  The children loved hearing the stories and the laughter could be heard up the corridor.


Well done to all of the children with 30+ reading stars! To celebrate, Queen’s Hill had their very own festival party for KS1 and KS2 with Ukulele Simon. We sang, danced, jammed and learnt all about how to become musicians.


We are delighted to say we have achieved Silver Award.

Whizzy Wednesday planned events.

Week 3 – Skipping
Week 4 – Nature Search
Week 5 – Bouncing Balls
Week 6 – Wheels
Week 7 – Sticks

Week 2 14/06/17 Whizzy Wednesday – Bug Hunt

The children at lunchtime today,  had the chance to go on a bug hunt and put any bugs they found in the school Bug Hotel.


Week 1 07/06/17 – Whizzy Wednesday – Outdoor Reading

Books and beanbags were taken outside for children to read and share a story.



Today was the launch of our new focus of Outdoor Learning.  Not even the weather could spoil the Outdoor Learning day. Children have had a great day completing a variety of activities including bug hunting, art, sport, outdoor safety and reading/drama in the tents. Watch this space for 50 things to do with your children outdoors, coming soon!

We are delighted from all of our outdoor activities at the launch of our topic we have achieved the Bronze Award from the Woodland Trust.