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Friday 4th March – Open Morning

Thank you to all the parents who came into their child’s class for ERIC time (Everyone Read In Class).  It was lovely to talk to parents about all the activities and resources we have in the Library.  Thank you for all the comments and feedback from the Reading Festival.

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Thursday 3rd March – World Book Day

Today the children dressed up as some amazing book characters.  They enjoyed a day of activities inspired by books, including a visit by the author Doug Vallgren who spoke about what it is like to be an author.

IMG_0679Where’s Wally? How many can you see in the Library.

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Wednesday 2nd March – Read Aloud Day

Thank you to all of the community volunteers who made it possible for us to have every child read aloud today in the School Library.

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Tuesday 1st March – Book Swap Day

247 books swapped today.  Thank you for everyone who supported this event.

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Monday 29th February – Marvellous Maths

Every child went into the hall and played maths games for 20 minutes.  The children really enjoyed themselves as you can see from the pictures and comments.

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The Rainbow Bell Tent arrived and the children enjoyed reading and listening to a story.  We even had children waiting in a line at break time to go into the bell tent to read.  Thank you to Jarrold’s for their support with the Reading Festival.

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The School Ambassadors will be posting regular updates to keep you up to date with the expansion of our school.

Please click on the link below for the Morgan Sindall newsletter.

Queens Hill Primary School – Dear Neighbour June 2016

Queens Hill Primary School – First Dear Neighbour Feb 2016 

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Today, we learnt more about the building site. There are a few classes that are going to be finished in December. We learnt about how the insulation works around the building site. We saw the office area and stood in Mrs Sheppard’s and Mr Roughsedge’s office.

dsc01258 dsc01259

Also, we saw the new reception classrooms. We saw the children’s toilets and the staff toilets.  The builders have put in floors; the walls are painted as well! However, some of them aren’t. The walls have three things in them: metal, a sound-proof material and a heating material, plaster (the end of the walls to cover everything up.) There were also diesel pipes of different colours to bring heat into the building site while it was cold or raining.



dsc00473 dsc00469

Today we went on the building site for are last time for the half term. We looked at the new classes and the heating was added. Plus, all the rooms had their own walls so the builders could start plastering.  The plantation room was very fascinating. The builders were very busy getting the insulation done. And we all thought that the ground looked like mars!!!



A trip to the building site!!

Today we went to the building site to check how the builders were doing. The progress was amazing and they are getting on very well. We went on a little walk and found out lots about the building site. They also were hoping to finish in October but the whole thing will be done in February. Then we will have a grand opening in April. There will be 8 more classes for KS1 and a new library.

Written by Nevan, Amanda and Loyiso


This week we took Mrs Maskell to show her the progression of the library. Luckily Geze had a chair for Mrs Maskell to sit on Miss Forrest took some photos. We have decided to do this every couple of weeks so we can see the progression of the Library. Also we took another pupil with us because we are trying to get all the Yr6 pupils over to have a look before they leave to go to high school.



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Question day

Today we asked loads of questions about the progress of the school. We asked 15 but here are our top 2: Why does the hall have to be so big? The answer was when you have a certain amount of children you have to legally have a certain amount of storage and hall space; Why is there a pipe sticking out of the ground? The answer was it is a landmark to show where the pipe will lead to but we have to look further into the plan before we can take action and when we do we will have to dig up the ground so there is space for the pipes. Unfortunately next week Jon will be leaving to go to Essex and we would just like to say we will miss you Jon ☺

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When we went to the building site today there was a stone piling rig that drilled through the ground to make a 4 metre hole. Then a vibration machine spread the rocks into the ground to make it sturdy so it is strong enough to be built on. Bravely we looked in to the 4 metre deep hole made by the pilling rig. Shockingly we saw dumper truck that tipped the stones to the side instead of from the front.

IMG_1269 IMG_1278


This week we only had a short amount of time but we still managed to have a tour around the site. The floors have been changed from mud to cement which will be the base of the school and they will use it to build upwards. We had the opportunity to have a picture taken whilst sitting on the roller that flattens the cement. Also we adventurously climbed up one of the many dirt mountains. Unfortunately there were big puddles and Lucy and Eloise (two of the school ambassadors) got stuck in the mud underneath the puddles whilst attempting to walk through. Shockingly to get rid of all the mud it is going to take 500 truck loads and they will either be sold or taken to a way to fill in gaps  to build on. 

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Unfortunately last week we were unable to go as it was reading festival, this week we braved the weather and took a look at what the builders were up to. 

This week we were given our new wellies. When we were in the office Jon decided to show us the school extension plans. While we were walking around the site we saw a hole in the school walls, so we decided to go investigate! When we got there we found out that the outside of the school walls are made of polystyrene! Furthermore, the extension will cost 4.1 million pounds! We had fun walking in the giant puddles (our new wellies got very muddy!)

By Lucy, Daniel and Eloise

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Our second experience on the building site.

When we were at the building site (for the second time) we had a tour of where the builders eat and have meetings. There are also: offices; smoking facilities and Water Closets. We also learnt that the maximum amount of people working at one time is 60 professional builders. Also there is going to be a extension on the hall which is getting built outside our classroom.

By the School Ambassadors

Lucy, Daniel and Eloise.

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Firstly , we got invited onto the site by the builders of the school extension. (Do not go onto a building site without permission from the builders.) After we got invited on the site we were taken into one of their offices and got some protective gear to put on to protect us on the site. Next we asked our questions to John and he answered them with detail. For example: How long with this project take? Do you need a qualifications for the motored equipment that you use? We found out that the building of the school would be finished next year in February (WOW that’s a long time!) Finally we got to go into the 360 digger and so did Mrs Sheppard! Concluding our first trip to this building site it was very interesting to find what it really takes to build our school extension.

By Eloise , Lucy and Daniel.  

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