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8th May 2015

Election fever  has spread into the classrooms this week with the results being broadcast on the Interactive Whiteboards and children in Year 5/6 writing their own manifestos. It has been amazing to see how engaged our children have been with the General Election and how interested they are in what it all means.

Teaching children about Democracy and the Rule of Law is an important life skills. The children in Year 5/6 have been passionate about presenting their manifestos on a chosen area from Education, Crime, Health, Environment and school meals.  Classrooms were turned into Polling Stations, speeches given and voting cast…At the time of writing, the Year 5/6 results were being counted; the winning party from each Year 5/6 class will be announced in due course!

NEWS FLASH: Winner was UCP United Citizens Party – “Better life, better future”



Even children in Reception got involved in the Election fever with Mrs Petraglia reporting that the children in EYFS wanted a Dinosaur Party!